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Artisan Custom Cabinetry has used Mohawk finishing products for many years, although mohawk offers lots of products for about any application, below are the products we prefer to use in our facility.




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CAB/Acrylic Clear Topcoat:

Mohawk CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) Acrylic Topcoat is a 275 VOC maximum compliant, self-sealing coating that provides a clear, non-yellowing film that is perfect to topcoat interior wood surfaces. It is the best choice for light colored stains and may be applied over pigmented lacquer colors because it does not yellow with age.


Passes KCMA standard testing and works great on cabinets,
Will not yellow or amber,
No re-coat window or pot life,
No mixing or reduction necessary,
Fast drying



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DuraCoat® II Post-Catalyzed Clear Lacquer:

Same performance and quality as our DuraCoat® Pre-Catalyzed Clear Lacquer in a 275 VOC formulation! DuraCoat® II Post-Catalyzed Clear Lacquers are premium quality professional finishes for furniture, cabinets and millwork, which are very user friendly. DuraCoat® features high solids, moisture and mar resistance, good flexibility and are more durable than regular nitrocellulose lacquers. When used as a self-seal system or over our E-Z Vinyl® or high solids DuraCoat® II Sealer, DuraCoat® II produces an exceptional finish system that passes KCMA testing. DuraCoat® II is also easy to mix. One bottle of the appropriate, pre-measured DuraCoat® II Catalyst (M612-301) is added to a single gallon or a 5 gallon pail. DuraCoat® II has a 6 month shelf life after the catalyst is added. Solids 26%.




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E-Z Vinyl® Sealer - Clear:

E-Z Vinyl® Sealer is a professional grade, high solids formula that is designed for use in high contact areas where improved ­durability, water resistance, and adhesion are critical. A key advantage is improved system flexibilty. Recommended for use with Mohawk nitrocellulose, CAB, pre-catalyzed and conversion varnish topcoats. No Catalyst needed. E-Z Vinyl® Sealer is a ready to spray (RTS) high solids-low viscosity formula that enables users to achieve the best flow and build without reduction. Solids: 25%.






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Ultra® Penetrating NGR Stain:

A dye type stain that offers superior transparent qualities and excellent fade resistance. Will not bleed into top coat finishes. Ultra® Penetrating NGR Stain may be brushed, wiped or sprayed directly on wood or mixed in lacquer for toning. Colors may be mixed to create additional shades. Ultra® Penetrating NGR Stain offers the user the best combined characteristics of water, alcohol, or lacquer type dyes. Custom color matching available with a minimum order of 5 gallons per color.

Ultra® Penetrating NGR Stains are best spray applied at 30-40 p.s.i. Apply in light coats until the desired color is achieved. Each pass will increase color strength. Ultra® Penetrating Stains may be reduced with Ultra® Penetrating Stain Reducer or Acetone for improved control.

Low solids coating with maximum 120 g/l VOC of material.



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  m545 2247 prod wiping wood stain black gal  Wiping Wood™ Stain (M545, MA240)









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   m547 54047 prod designer series stain dark espresso gal  Designer Series Stain (M547-5)










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  m547 64016 Designer Stain Radiant Series (M547-6) 









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