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The key to a well designed kitchen is not necessarily what you see on the outside. Although the external details will certainly garner admiration from family and friends, it will be the internal accessories that make you smile day after day. Your kitchen will simply perform better with specific accessories for tray storage, pantry goods, cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, trash and recycling bins.

The storage solutions you select for your new kitchen will make the difference between a kitchen that works, and a kitchen that works hard for you every day. After you have spent time creating the overall layout, design and color scheme for your new kitchen, the next important step is to carefully consider the storage features. There are so many clever organizational elements to consider so that your new kitchen never hides a jumble of pots and pans or utensils behind a closed door or drawer.

Here a few organizational design ideas for your new kitchen:


spice1 cutlery1 silverware1
Spice Accessories Cutlery Silverware & Utensils
o55 054 o65
Lift Up Storage Pull-Out Storage Recycling & Waste
 o68  OP11  o69
Roll-Out Storage Pantry Solutions Corner Storage
o70 o71b H05
Plate & Tray Solutions Wine & Beverage
Hoods & Accessories