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Looking for a one of a kind custom Project, a project thats requires that extreme attention to detail & craftsmanship. Then Artisan Custom Craftsmanship is here for you.





Welcome to Artisan Custom Craftsmanship where projects of unmeasured scope are built, where we can truly bring that one-of-a-kind project unlike any other to life.

Every client who comes to us has an idea of what they would like to see come to life. In some cases, they even have professional design drawings & renderings already created, or they show us a sketch that they’ve done of their ideas, or even we can work directly with you and sketch out drawings from your ideas, and we just need to work together to interpret those and build what’s needed to make your dream project come to life.

That said, in many cases, our clients will need help with the design process. This is a process we enjoy and is cricial for us to understand exactly what the client wants to have done. We excel in bringing loosely conceived ideas to a point where they become beautiful, tangible woodwork and the project you dreamed have of.

The steps to our process:

kit rendering216The Vision • First, we ask our potential clients to send us some phone photos of the area, along with some rough dimensions and a description of what they would like to see, or again we can meet and create they from your ideas. Often they can send us online links to pictures they’ve seen that show cabinetry or woodwork they like. Our work is truly custom, so don't hesitate to look around for some ideas that suit your style, most of the time we schedule an onsite visit to see the project first hand and take many pictures as refence to help us during our quote process. With this information, we will work on figuring out the process and all the craftsmanship involved, all the special materials & hardware required, installation, and then we can work out a free rough estimate of what the project is likely to cost. w2

The Budget • You may already have a budget in mind. Variations in wood type, hardware, various materials, the labor & craftsmanship required and finishes will affect the budget. We'll talk about the appropriate options so that the end results meet your expectations with regard to cost and quality.
Once a budget has been established, the next step is a site visit, unless thats part of the initail design process. We’ll meet with you at your home or job site to take field measurements. During this meeting we’ll discuss design ideas in greater depth, and will usually show wood and finish samples, go over any hardware and all aspects as required to get final approval.

The Details • In every case we’ll do 3D CAD drawings of the project to be built. These are ultimately needed so that the craftsmen in the shop have a detailed construction plan to work from, but they are also a wonderful communication tool. We can email color renderings and architectural drawings to the client for consideration and comment. We’ll refine them based on their suggestions, going back and forth until everyone is satisfied that the design is right, it is critical to take the time required during this process so as we both are assured that all designs, details, materials, hardware, and overall concept is fully understood so we can build you exactly what your asking for.

shop289The Build • In every craftsmanship project we do, and considering most of the high end craftsmanship projects we do, we work exclusively on that one project to assure the highest quality we can offer, so we first take all the time needed to sit down with all our staff, go over all the details, the drawings, share all required infomation about the project, what is expected of us, the level of the build, go over the drawings, spec sheets, all information. Once everyone is up to speed and on the same page, the build in the shop will begin, with all our high end work, we care mostly about the craftsmanship going into the work, not how fast it can be done. All High End work requires a level of detail unsurpassed, a level of focus and attention that is not rushed by time constrants, and most of all, quality control is second to none in our shop, we always rely on one another for a second option and help as required, our team are professionals and has become a family, we work well together and strive to achieve the best standards of woodworking craftsmanship that is deserved. 03On high end builds, we often have our clients or the project managers visit our shop at different times during the build, wether it be for decisions, or just to see progress, and it is not uncommon once they may see it come to life, just that may stimulate new ideas for improvements to the original design, but no worry, we strive to achieve any goal, once any given phase or project is completed in our shop, then it is scheduled for installation, unless we are simply building it for the builder to install.

The Installation • In every install that we do, first is that we schedule and prepare and make sure the jobsite is ready for us and we give an estimate of the time to install. Although Each install is different, we first always arrive and take the time to prep our work area, we lay down flor runners and mat to cover the flooring, we make sure our work area is protected so is damaged or changed.once we have the prep completed, then we deliver the products to be installed, then the install begins according to the scope of work, and/or pre-arranged discussions with the owner, builder or project manager. Our team members are very professional and take jobsite visits very seriously, we always focus on the job at hand and always cleanup at the end of each day. Our team also understands normally there are other professionals working at the same job, we do our best to assure we do not conflict with there work being performed, if for some reason another professional needs to be in our work area, we try to work out the details so the is no conflict of working in the same location. In the end, we pride ourselfves on the attention to detail and taking the time to check every aspect of the install, to make sure everything is working correctly, fully testing all functions, details, and fully cleaning all we have done so you can truly enjoy the beauty of your new dream project.

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