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So what is a CNC router? A CNC ( Computer Numercial Control ) wood router is a tool that create objects out of wood. The CNC router works much like a computer printer. First, the design is created on the computer in a CAD Design program, then it is sent to the CNC wood router to make the hard copy of the design into the block of wood. Instead of using ink or laser toner to "print", the CNC wood router uses several different cutting tools to accomplish the task by milling, cutting and shaping the project to the CAD design.


Providing our clients with quality custom fabrication for both commercial and residential applications. We specialize in custom fabrication, parts cutting, CNC routing, milling and general millwork. We are equipped with state of the art equipment including CNC router, saws, and a full woodworking / cabinet shop to achieve the finest quality and highest productivity in design, fabrication, and manufacturing. Our facility also provides a fully equipped spray booth & finishing dept. for completing all of our projects.